International Female Ride Day

You Could See Over 100 Badass Female Motorcyclists Roaring Through Montreal This Weekend

They look like superheroes.

What's cooler than leather jackets, Harley-Davidsons and 100+ badass women crushing stereotypes as they soar through the streets of Montreal on motorcycles? Yeah, I hear crickets too. Nothing is cooler. And you can catch a glimpse of these fierce female bikers on Saturday, August 22 — International Female Ride Day — or join the fun yourself if you ride. 

Participants will be meeting in the parking lot of Place Versailles around 9:30 a.m.

Then, they'll take the highway across the St. Lawrence River, eventually passing through the McMasterville, Richelieu and Kahnawake areas before winding up at Gabriel Harley-Davidson in the Sud-Ouest. 

Gabriel Harley-Davidson Montreal is hosting the event along with Gabriel BMW Moto Montreal, Gabriel Moto Internationale Montreal and Harley Montreal Underground. 

"Being a female rider in 2020 is awesome, but there is still some prejudice and stereotypes towards women bikers and a lot of improvements which need to take place in the industry," Félicia Durocher, who will be leading the ride, told MTL Blog. 

"These kinds of events are a perfect moment for us to make a statement and show that women riders are more than ever-present on the road."

Durocher also said she is really excited to "see a bunch of women from different worlds and different day jobs come together on a very special day."

International Female Ride Day has been around 14 years, but this is just the second edition of the Montreal ride.

Marie-Suzanne Brodeur, who's in charge of marketing, said they decided to make it an annual event after seeing success in 2019. 

Last year, 150 women turned out, according to Brodeur. If it's a nice day, she said she expects at least that if not more women to show up this time with their motorcycles in tow.

If there's something we need in 2020, it's a reason to celebrate.

These superhero-esque women who brave the elements, own the roads and take up space definitely give us an excuse to do just that.